Addressing poverty by creating community and investing in the vision and dreams of young adults.


Only 1% of young adults who are out of work & out of school will be on the path to a living wage

The Crisis

Shelby County has over 45,000 young adults, aged 16-24, who are out of school and out of work. Nearly half of these young adults are in poverty, and only 1% will obtain an Associate Degree by the time they are 28, which leads to living wage careers. We are in a crisis. If you are born poor in Memphis, the chances of rising socio-economically are the lowest of anywhere in the country.


The Vision

All young adults have the power to live their best lives and the tools to make that a reality. 


The Solution

We plan to solve this crisis in three fundamental ways.

First, we partner with young adults to support them in getting to their dreams and to careers making a living wage. Second, we partner with employers to build career pathways and ensure our young adults have meaningful work opportunities. Finally, we work to change systems by elevating the voices of young adults and their ideas on how we fix a broken system.

Our Difference

We are different because we are starting with what young adults want and need.

We are a collective and will be governed by a young adult advisory council. We do not have all of the answers, but we believe true change comes from those most impacted by the problems we seek to address. We partner with and employ people who have lived experience with the issues we plan to address.