The Collective is creating the framework to reach economic equity for all young adults.


Only 1% of young adults who are out of work & out of school will be on the path to a living wage

The Situation

The Greater Memphis area has more than 45,000 young adults, aged 16-24, who are out of school and out of work.

 Nearly half of these young adults are in poverty, and only 1% will be on the path to a living wage by the time they are 28.


The Vision

All young adults have the power to live their best lives and the tools to make that a reality. 


The Solution

We believe that change is collective.

The young adult population represents the next generation of community, business, and political leaders. It is imperative that they are equipped with the skills and supports that they need today in order to guide Memphis forward tomorrow. The Collective advances a community framework that reflects the personal and economic aspirations of the city’s young populace.

Our Difference

The Collective is the only local organization that is specifically tailored to the needs of young adults.

We provide relationships, resources, and a network of support to help young adults discover and develop their unique talents in order to advance their personal and professional objectives.