To that aim, we have three connected program areas to drive towards our vision.

Young Adults

We are committed to the success and dreams of young adults.

Our work begins by investing in the whole person and supporting young people as they identify their vision, voice and dreams. Secondly, we connect young adults to careers through an intensive yearlong program. In that program, young adults are prepared for postsecondary education, coached through certificate programs and placed in a career job. We target placement in careers with living wages, including those in information technology (IT), healthcare and skilled trades. Additionally, we provide a range of emotional and social supports, as well as a stipend, to ensure young adults can reach their goals.


We believe we have to partner with employers to cultivate the best opportunities for our young adults.

Our programs are rooted in the economic realities of our city. Additionally, we are working with employers to solve their workforce challenges, while promoting the desires and dreams of our young adults during that process.


Our dream is that we can work collectively to ensure we have a world where all young adults can live their best life.

Today, too many young adults leave school underprepared and there are too few career opportunities when they emerge. We are committed to helping fix our systems. The first step is elevating the voice, experiences and solutions of our young adults, as it pertains to work and labor. Additionally, we plan to partner with our city and leaders to solve the root causes of the challenges we see.