Young adults are often talked about as the problem, but in speaking to over 100 young adults, it is clear that our system has failed our youth:

My mom got sick and I had to miss a lot of days to take care of her…After, I didn’t have enough credits to graduate.

My dream is to start my own landscaping business...but I’m too old to go to college now.

I work from 2AM-9AM six days a week at a warehouse, then come to Excel school from 9 AM – 3 PM Monday – Friday. I barely see my children.

I have worked on short jobs for seven temp agencies but this isn’t a way out.

Despite our own failures providing options to our youth, our young adults are some of the hardest working in our city. Yet, without viable options and support, we are doomed to continue to be a city where poverty – and not prosperity – is the expectation.