What is it?

The work experience program is designed to give young adults a sneak peek at what the “real world” feels like. Our young adults are in certification programs and they need to experience a position in their educational field.

  • 8 weeks in length

  • 20 hours a week

  • Customer Service, Healthcare, IT, or Skilled Trades

How it Works

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Attend an Orientation

Learn about the work experience and how your organization execute it


Identify a Supervisor

Select a member of your organization to oversee and work with the young adult.


Complete a Work Plan

Develop a strategy. We’ll help you devise ideas and projects


8 Week Work Experience

Be prepared to host the young adult and teach them about your organization.


Match with a Young Adult

We’ll work with you to select the best fitting young adult for your organization.

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Capstone Presentation

In the last week each young adult will present a capstone project to your org.


  • Pipeline of Talent

  • Low Cost

  • Low Risk

  • Corporate Responsibility